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When it Rains (I feel like eating Jeon)

Jihyun Kim

When It Rains (I feel like eating Jeon) is an installation inspired by the story of a Korean elder in Ansan, who takes a walk everyday to the place where the sea used to be. This work considers the solvent connections between site, sensation and memory, and the routines that we associate with these.

In a fluid, decentered space audiences can explore their own associations: the experience is distant with an illusion of closeness.

Where you are perhaps it no longer rains, or rain becomes an abstract symbol for desiccated country, or a signal to seek comfort, or a deafening torrent that signals the terror of inundation. The artists collaborating on this exploration of space and embodied memory have been brought together by producer Jin Yim through their long-term connections and developments in Korea and Australia.

When It Rains (I feel like eating Jeon) is produced by Bureau of Works and funded by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Art Council Korea, supported by Playking Foundation Travel Grant, Seoul Street Arts Creation Center, the Besen Foundation and Chunky Move and received funds from Creative Partnerships Australia through the Australian Cultural Fund.

Presented as part of AsiaTOPA 2020


Collaborating Artists Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey

Collaborating Artists Jihyun Kim and Jin Yim

Lighting Design Jennifer Hector

Producer Erin Milne


20 – 23 February

27 February – 1 March

11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


Abbotsford Convent

1 St Heliers St, Abbotsford