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In Development

One Night Only

One performer, one night only. 82 minutes to leave a legacy.

Seating Bank

SEATING BANK (working title) is a new work in its early stages, created by Carly Sheppard.

All Colours Are Destroyed

A new project that maps the explosive elemental connection between the earth and the sky, and the human stories that exist at the surface.


A Nightime Travesty

Final boarding call for the last fleet.


PQAU23 will be curated by the talented and highly accomplished artist and designer Jacob Nash.

How Do I Let You Die

A multimedia monologue written by Michele Lee about the inevitability of death.

Neighbourhood Festival @ The Substation

A contemporary art festival celebrating the West.

Forever Now

A golden record for the 21st Century, compiled and designed by a cross-disciplinary team of artists and curators from Aphids.

Inside There Falls

Visually and aurally sublime, Inside There Falls is an installation in the form of a shimmering labyrinth from artist Mira Calix (UK).

The Eradication of Schizophrenia in Western Lapland

Australian premiere of this new work by Ridiculusmus (UK) - a comic nightmare of delusion and polyphonic uncertainty.

The People’s Weather Report

A participatory audio installation for Arts House’s Going Nowhere festival, in partnership with ABC RN.

Give Me Your Love

Give Me Your Love is the second installment of Ridiculusmus’ three-pronged investigation into innovative approaches to mental health.


A smart, touching and deeply personal story from Jodee Mundy Collaborations.

Noir Trail (death keeps me awake)

One step at a time like this present an episodic journey into the night of the soul, currently in development.


A visceral and unrelenting work from InFlux Theatre.

The Ghost Project

Part installation, part museum and part story exchange to unearth ubiquitous ghostly phenomena, by Anna Tregloan & The Association of Optimism.


Playwright Emilie Collyer presents a sweaty play about the petty and the profound, the mundane and the mythic, Contest asks how we might be with each other if we don’t have to win.

Lady Example

A deranged and exquisite stock-take of history to propose a feminine future by Alice Will Caroline. 'Women of the World take over, because if you don't the world will come to an end.'

Die! Die! Die! Old People Die!

Ridiculusmus reclaims humankind’s last taboo from its imminent eradication.

Imaginary Architecture

Lara Tumak presents an interactive and imaginative installation for all ages.

A Galaxy of Suns

A collaboration across contemporary art, music, astronomy and design, led by Michaela Gleave.


Available to tour // Award-winning percussionist Claire Edwardes and Helpmann Award-winning dancer Richard Cilli united their distinct virtuosic talents in an unusual presentation of how movement sounds, and how sound moves.

The Difficult Comedown

A dance work by Paea Leach and Alexandra Harrison that dwelled in an ecosystem of seasonality.

Imagined Touch

Heather Lawson & Michelle Stevens present an immersive event which shares the humour, grief, beauty and profound isolation of lives as deafblind artists.

Picasso & His Dog

Lemony S Puppet Theatre present a visually stunning and paw-fectly delightful work for all ages.

A Normal Child

Ridiculusmus present an epic narrative of vast and imperfect comedic proportions, A Normal Child navigates the intricacies of disability representation in a daring, funny, and complex work.

Australian Exhibition @ Prague Quadrennial 2019

The partnership of Bureau of Works & Anna Tregloan present The 2019 Prague Quadrennial Australia Exhibition

The Bluebird Mechanicals

Too Close To The Sun's visionary work about Chekov, climate change and the end of the world.

At The End Of The Land

Too Close To The Sun present a contemporary solo performance work about the liminal space between life and death.

Carnival of Futures

One step at a time like this present a series of one-on-one micro-performances that dance around questions, insights and predictions of our personal and collective futures.

Yo Yo Ma’s Bach Project

Yo Yo Ma & Sound Postings present Days of Action as part of The Bach Project

What is Chinese?

Shanghai artists Xiao Ke + Zi Han present an international exploration of the Chinese diaspora.

When it Rains (I feel like eating Jeon)

Madeleine Flynn & Tim Humphrey collaborate with Jihyun Kim and Jin Yim in a work that navigates the gaps between memories and conceptions

Oedipus Schmoedipus

post and Hong Kong Repertory Theatre present a comic bloodbath about a fate that none of us can escape.

Witness Stand

Madeleine Flynn & Tim Humphrey present Witness Stand, a new work about enacting a public hearing of places that demand witnessing and reflection


A new performance work exploring ethics, value and pre-natal "screening" practices for Down syndrome made by collaborators Julia Hales, Chris Kohn, Dani Kohn, Hermione Merry and Roslyn Oades.

The Importance of Being Earnest

Available to tour // Ridiculusmus' take on Oscar Wilde's comedy of lies

The Dispute

Available to tour // A theatre work about the childhood experience of parental separation.

Thinking Time

THINKING TIME is an open-ended research lab for contemporary and experimental practice.

Body Crysis/身體災變

AVAILABLE TO TOUR | A vanguard experiment in untethered performance for digital morphologies.


In the footsteps of ancestors. 

Hobson’s Bay Creative Exchange Lab

Bureau of Works is presenting workshops and conversations curated by Hobson's Bay for the Creative Exchange Lab.

Anything & Everything

Anything & Everything delves into online and IRL spaces, where young people navigate identity, connection and intimacy.


Available to tour // Daniel Schlusser Ensemble and collaborators present an unflinching theatrical descent into a dark underworld of heroes, gods and monsters.


Available to tour // Part-mystery, part-documentary, part forensic investigation.


A meditation on boyhood as it is lived, remembered and lost.

Platform LAB Professional Development

Platform LAB's Professional Development series curated by Bureau of Works.

Running Machine

Busy busy busy. Audience and artists gather to build… something…


A performance installation for an ensemble audience

Garage Band

Out of the Garage and onto the main stage!

Heavy Metal

Steel screeches on steel and gears twist beyond recognition.


A queer horror on the beach.

My House is a Wild World

A collaboration between The Finger Players (SG) and Gold Satino (AUS).