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The People’s Weather Report

Image: Ponch Hawkes

The People’s Weather Report is a global response to the enormity of climate change, from a number of very personal perspectives. In a plant installation created by eco-designer Tanja Beer, audiences are invited to experience a sound work of original ‘weather reports’ collected from participants located around the world. Part of Arts House’s Going Nowhere festival (21-23 November 2014), the project also invited audiences to make their own audio contributions during the festival. Taking the temperature of our collective response to climate change, radio partner ABC RN also broadcasted a selection of weather report highlights from the project.

My producing role focused on distributing the open call out for contributions, working with the sound and design teams to conceive the installation, working closely with ABC RN to produce the audio works, and managing relationships with project partners including ABC RN, the Council on the Ageing (Green Sages), PACT Centre for Emerging Artists, The Wheeler Centre and Tallaght Community Arts, with Collective Action and Contact Studio (Dublin, Ireland), and Cambridge Junction (UK).