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The Difficult Comedown

Gregory Lorenzutti

Two women carry and haul, run, wait – and consider: what’s clearly necessary, right now? Each asks with all that she is. In duet the women age the body, expand it, injure it. They change. The dance dwells in an ecosystem of seasonality, a rhythm of work that allows the women to persist in unsentimental relationship to the earth. Meanwhile, they don’t have to take care of each other – but they do.

The Difficult Comedown was interested in shared resilience and the labour of women. It considered a new epoch beyond the Anthropocene, past human predominance on earth. Borne of long-embodied knowledge, and compelled by wilfulness, this was a performance from the ground up: an immersion in slow change.

Performers Paea Leach and Alexandra Harrison shatter their solo lives to come down to earth. It is difficult, but they make mountains.

Presented by Arts House, Paea Leach and Alexandra Harrison as part of Dance Massive 2019

Co-creators & Performers Paea Leach, Alexandra Harrison

Lighting designer & Production management Bosco Shaw

Designer Anna Tregloan

Sound designer Marco Cher-Gibard

Dramaturge Cynthia Troup

Producer Erin Milne, Bureau of Works

Costume Construction Mel Liertz

Sculptor Neil Taylor

Vocals Neil Taylor, Marisa Stirpe

6:30pm, Tue 12 March
6:30pm, Wed 13 March
6:30pm, Thurs 14 March
6:30pm, Fri 15 March
6:30pm, Sat 16 March
60 mins

Meat Market
5 Blackwood Street,

North Melbourne