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Hermione Merry

Screens is a new performance work exploring ethics, value and pre-natal “screening” practices for Down syndrome. Chris Kohn, Dani Kohn and Hermione Merry all have lived experience as parents of a child with Down syndrome; Julia Hales, is an actor, writer and advocate who has Down syndrome; and Roslyn Oades is a documentary theatre-maker and dramaturg.
The team has undertaken 3 weeks of creative development throughout 2019 and would like to share some of the material they have developed and invite a conversation around the work as they plan for future stages of the work.
The work has been supported by the City of Melbourne Arts Grants Program and the Australia Council for the Arts. Produced by Bureau of Works.

Created by Julia Hales, Chris Kohn, Dani Kohn, Hermione Merry and Roslyn Oades.

Guest collaborating artist Gerard O’Dwyer

Produced by Erin Milne


In Development at the Victorian College of Arts campus