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Pier Carthew

RUTHLESS is interested in the dark undertow of a sunny beachside suburb. It is a guided meditation through the dark. A journey through a psychosocial hinterland. A queer horror on the beach.

Meet someone at a kind-of paradise. Get onto a bus. Drive along the beach road. Past the new cars, and the new houses and the picture window scenes of families playing board games. Something more sinister is brewing in the man-made inlets and the dank undergrowth of the territory between. You are alone at night in a place you don’t recognise, even though it’s your home.

RUTHLESS is about being well, being afraid, being “relaxed and comfortable” in the face of threats or fears we can’t see or name. It’s about the pressure to be OKAY. Gold Satino invites you to look underneath the Peninsula’s sunny, primary-coloured holiday branding, its comfort and self-confidence, to find a more unsettled topography.

Writer/Director Davina Wright
Writer/Director Meredith Rogers
Composer & Sound Designer Glynn Urquhart
Performers James Baxter, Meredith Rogers, Claudia Nugent, Glynn Urquhart, Xavier O’Shannessy, Shell O’Meara and Hannah Tappy with Dan Koop.
Producer Xavier O’Shannessy
Curated by Dan Koop

Presented by Gold Satino
Commissioned by Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery and Public Art Commission
Appearing in Front Beach Back Beach
Produced by Bureau of Works

Upcoming Dates

  • Gallery Installation at Morngington Peninsula Regional Gallery Dec 2022–April 2023

    Past Season
    Nov 2022