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Photo: Heidrun Löhr

Dancer. Percussionist. Rivals. A strange and mesmeric double act.

Three-time APRA Art Music Award-winning percussionist Claire Edwardes and Helpmann Award-winning dancer Richard Cilli united their distinct virtuosic talents in an unusual presentation of how movement sounds, and how sound moves.

From formal beginnings into virtuosic performance and competitive play, Edwardes and Cilli collaborated with acclaimed director and choreographer Gideon Obarzanek and Australia’s leading electro-pop composer Paul Mac to create an intriguing display.

Set in the orthodox world of a music and dance recital, the ambiguous relationship between the two performers intensifies. The outcomes are impressive, disturbing and wildly ecstatic.

Presented by The SUBSTATION as part of Dance Massive 2019


“Recital is a work that you could listen to with your eyes closed or watch while not listening. But you don’t want to because the interaction of the elements is full of delights.”

– Dance Australia

Created and Performed by Richard Cilli, Claire Edwardes

Directed by Gideon Obarzanek

Lighting design by Bosco Shaw

Composition & Sound design by Paul Mac, Claire Edwardes


Past Seasons:


FORM Dance Projects

28 Feb – 2 March 2019

Riverside Theatres



Dance Massive

20-22 March 2019 


1 Market St. Newport