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Australian Exhibition @ Prague Quadrennial 2019

Image: Kate Bliss

PQAU19 presents four key works which focus in on the individual.

Specifically: the solo performer.

THE SECOND WOMAN by Nat Randal and Anna Breckon, CARRION by Justin Shoulder and Matt Stegh, REPATRIATE by Late Taumoepeau and THE RAPTURE by Moira Finucane.

With staggering originality, these artists put their own person at the centre of the work and in doing so are able to embed a politic and communicate it in a different way.

Courageous, definably unique and frequently provocative these four artists’ immense creative skills take us to places of wonder and intrigue. 

Presented at The Industrial Palace Prague as part of the 2019 Prague Quadrennial of Space and Design


Presented with the support of Creative Victoria, the Australia Council for the Arts, Bureau of Works and Association of Optimism.

Lead Artist & Performer Justin Shoulder
Costume & Set designer Matthew Stegh

The Second Woman
Lead Artist & Performer Nat Randal
Lead Artist Anna Breckon

Lead Artist & Performer Latai Taumoepeau

The Rapture
Lead Artist Moira Finucane

The Impossible Project
Works curated by Erin Milne & Anna Tregloan

Producer Erin Milne
Producer Anna Tregloan


6 – 16 June, 2019


The Industrial Palace,

Prague, Czech Republic