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One Night Only

One Night Only is a new collaboration between contemporary performance maker Jackson Castiglione and Rawcus, a critically acclaimed ensemble of performers with diverse minds, bodies and imaginations. 

One performer, one night only. 82 minutes to leave a legacy.

How do we comprehend the experience of our lives as human beings? How can we encompass the full life cycle in all its wonder, mystery and beauty along with its merciless tragedy, pain and ugliness? What if our lives were compressed in time? Acted out on stage? What would we say and share? What would unite us? What would differentiate us? One Night Only will explore key moments within our lives such as: birth, parents, childhood, pets, love, heartbreak, sex, children, ageing and death. 

Performed by a different person playing the ‘protagonist’ every night, One Night Only is a performance that playfully provokes the protagonist to consider what it means to be human, both on a deeply personal and universal level, in a bold ‘one night only’ unrepeatable performance. 

One Night Only is in development with the support of the Melbourne City Council through Arts House; the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria; and The Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

Creative Team

Co-Directors: Jackson Castiglione & Morgan Rose Aldrich

Rawcus Ensemble Performers: Harriet Devlin, Clem Baade, Paul Matley, Joshua Lynzaat, Rachel Edward

Sound Design: Marco Cher-Gibbard

Producer: Erin Milne