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Inside There Falls

Dancers: Sydney Dance Company. Image: Peter Greig.

Mira Calix

Visually and aurally sublime, Inside There Falls is an installation in the form of a shimmering labyrinth.

Inside There Falls invites audiences to individually explore and seek out its secrets. From hidden pathways made of paper, voices emanate from all around and the entwinements of a pair of illusive and elusive dancers may be glimpsed. In this astonishing creation from UK-based artist Mira Calix, the walls literally speak – music, voice and dance converge into a profound and fully immersive experience. Inside There Falls was presented at Carriageworks from 8-17 January 2015 as part of Sydney Festival.

Working with London-based producer Keri Elmsly (www.elmsly.com), my role supported the development, production and world premiere of this large scale UK-Australian collaboration. This included liaising with commissioning partners, private patrons and local government; and the full gamut of project management tasks associated with working with lots of people across two time zones.