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Imaginary Architecture

Calling all town planners, master builders and architects extraordinaire to come together and create a mega mini city for all to explore.

Is it possible to create architecture out of nothing more than dreams? How about some cardboard, sticky tape and string?

Use nothing but your bare hands, wondrous imaginations and a whole lot of recycled materials to help build this interactive wonderland.

Bring a box or two (an empty biscuit, cereal or teabag box), or grab one of ours, and we’ll turn this into a diorama to add to the sprawling cityscape.

Borrow one of our torches and explore our imaginary city. See what stories you can find!


Supported by The Australia Council for the Arts, Creative Victoria and Bureau of Works.


Concept & Design: Lara Tumak

Lighting Design: Paul Lim

Producer: Erin Milne, Bureau of Works

Artist / Facilitators Claudia Tory, Gonzalo Varela, Nick Bennett, Carly Snoswell, Hew Parham, Rachel Burke, Ashton Malcolm

“The installation, unassuming as it was, offered some profound observations… Dream homes are not only made from dreams, they are homes for dreams: places where whimsical ideas can take refuge from an increasingly frightening, turbulent world.” ARCHITECTUREAU


South Australian Premiere

22 – 31 May 2019
Duration: 30mins
Schools sessions run every half hour from 10am-1.30pm
Saturday 25 May and Sunday 26 May 10am – 4pm
Adelaide Festival Centre
King William St,
Adelaide, SA, 5000