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Give Me Your Love

Sarah Walker


In a kitchen, somewhere in West Wales, a war veteran called Zach has withdrawn into a box.

A friend called Ieuan arrives, offering recovery in the form of dialogue and a capsule containing 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine. He’s participated in trials for treating chronic PTSD with psychedelic drugs, and says he’s cured.

What follows soars into a psychoactive dream of delirium, trauma and supermarket shopping as the two men are parachuted into their own fractured pasts; their symptoms expressing the pathologies of a disturbed world.

Give Me Your Love is the second installment of Ridiculusmus’ three-pronged investigation into innovative approaches to mental health. Informed by the latest scientific research, it explores the healing potential in altered states of consciousness.

Written, Directed & Performed by
David Woods & Jon Haynes, Ridiculusmus (AU/UK)

Set Design and Construction
Jacob Williams

Sound Design
Marco Cher-Gibard

Lighting Design
Richard Vabre

Production Manager
Rainbow Sweeney

Biomedical Consultant and collaborator
Dr. Ben Sessa

Executive Producer AU
Erin Milne

Executive Producer UK
Cheryl Pierce

Special Projects Producer UK
Rob Young