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Carnival of Futures

Julian Rickert

How do we create the future?

one step at a time like this have created theirs using two futurists.

Carnival of Futures is a series of one-on-one micro-performances that dance around questions, insights and predictions of our personal and collective futures. A cavalcade – well, five or six – of experiential provocations, from the individual to the global, from science to seer, conjured to let you envision a pathway for the times ahead.

Share breakfast with a mutant futurist, kneel before an oracle, journey to your own end, measure your hope/lessness – or simply have a lie down.

A chance to pause and imagine, face difficulties and obstacles, Carnival of Futures invites you to reflect, act and ‘dream forward’.


Supported by the Besen Family Foundation, Bureau of Works, Richard Jordan Productions, and the City of Melbourne through Arts House. It was developed through CultureLAB.

Created by Suzanne Kersten, Clair Korobacz, Julian Rickert

Collaborating Futurists Bridgette Engeler, Jose Ramos

Associate Creative Sharon Thompson

Lighting Design by John Ford

Set Design by Eloise Kent

Associate Artist Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy

Producer Erin Milne

UK Producer Richard Jordan Productions


World Premiere
One-on-one performance

6pm & 8.30pm, Wed 8 Aug
6pm & 8.30pm, Thurs 9 Aug
6pm & 8.30pm, Fri 10 Aug
6pm & 8.30pm, Sat 11 Aug
2pm & 4.30pm, Sun 12 Aug
6pm & 8.30pm, Wed 15 Aug
6pm & 8.30pm, Thurs 16 Aug
6pm & 8.30pm, Fri 17 Aug
6pm & 8.30pm, Sat 18 Aug
2pm & 4.30pm, Sun 19 Aug
120 mins with breaks

Arts House
North Melbourne Town Hall
521 Queensberry St,
North Melbourne


“…few performances manage to so completely tear through the bubble of reserve in which we spend most of our lives.”RealTime, on en route


Green Room Award Nomination:

Innovation in Site Responsive Performance