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Body Crysis

Still from BONANZA! by Harrison Hall, Sam Mcgilp and Justin Kane

Body Crysis is a work developed by Harrison Hall + Sam Mcgilp and NAXS Corp, a Taiwanese-based media art collective. By bringing motion-capture and digital animation into a live-performance context, it investigates the role of the body in an increasingly digital world.

The work will be presented as a live performance with a concurrent digital experience, which remote audiences can access within NAXS’s custom built Unity Platform 0xCore

Body Crysis brings the experiments by Hall and Mcgilp of recent screen-based collaborations in motion-capture and impossible digital choreographies back into the live. The work came out of collaboration on BONANZA! a screen work presented as part of the Chunky Move’s Activators program.

Creative Team

Lead Artists: Harrison Hall + Sam Mcgilp and Naxs Corp.

Performer/Collaborators: Cody Lavery, Imanuel Dado and Melissa Pham

3D Artist: Luca Dante

Technical Consultants (XR): Phoria and Grace Darling Armand

Producer: Erin Milne

Associate Producer: Xavier O’Shannessy

Upcoming Dates

  • Premiers March 2022 in Naarm (Melbourne)