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Producing Strategy for Organisations

Image: Jodee Mundy's Personal. Photo: Bryony Jackson

In addition to working with independent artists, we work with organisations to develop targeted producing strategies that enhance and extend their body of work. We also produce special and major projects for companies who need to extend their producing capacity at busy times.

Organisational clients of Bureau of Works include Punctum Live Arts (Castlemaine), Experimenta Media Arts, Arts House and Arts Centre Melbourne.

This service is ideal for organisations and institutions who:

  • Need help to extend the life of existing works, through touring or subsequent re-presentations
  • Want to extend their networks and knowledge around the presentation of live performance, nationally and internationally
  • Have no producing skills or capacity in-house, and would like to explore the benefits of a strategic producing approach
  • Are at peak capacity, and need the services of an experienced, connected producer to deliver major or complex projects

If this sounds like your organisation, you can email us to talk more.