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Mentoring for Producers

Image: When it Rains (I Feel Like Eating Jeon) Photo: Jihyun Kim

We believe in the value of fostering as many skilled, rigorous, artist-led producers as possible – towards the end goal of supporting artists to realise their values and vision. While we don’t claim to be experts, we love sharing our knowledge, experience and learnings. Good mentors have played a vital role in shaping our careers, as professional sounding-boards, well-intentioned interrogators and champions of our practice.

Mentoring for producers can take a number of forms, led by your current situation, goals and needs:

  • Monthly or fortnightly sessions over a set period of time (e.g. 6 months, 12 months)
  • One-off strategy sessions looking at career planning, goal setting and articulating your individual values and producing practice
  • Skills workshops for groups of producers, centred around key aspects of producing practice such as supporting new work, international market development, artist management and running a creative business
  • Joining a pool of mentors as part of organisational programs, such as Melbourne Fringe’s COMPASS Navigate

The best way to start is by emailing us. If you are currently based in an organisation, we can then prepare a proposed program and quote for your employer, as part of your annual professional development program.