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Jacinta Keefe

Tracker, a multidisciplinary work by Wiradjuri choreographer and director Daniel Riley, explores the life and story of his Great-Great Uncle Alec ‘Tracker’ Riley, a Wiradjuri elder from Dubbo NSW who served the NSW Police Force as a tracker for 40 years through the beginning of the 20th century. Tracker aims to be a culturally rich and ambitiously original work, exploring the legacy of Alec Riley’s decisions in the face of a forcefully implemented colonial system, a legacy that fuels our continued cultural resilience.

Featuring interwoven dance, music and text, Tracker will be made collaboratively by an experienced team of First Nations creatives, led by Daniel Riley, and consisting of award-winning playwright Ursula Yovich, the renowned Artistic Director of ILBIJERRI Theatre Company Rachael Maza AM, composer James Henry, visual artist Jonathan Jones and an all First Nations cast.

Tracker is a story of continued cultural resilience during a time of social and political change at the beginning of the 20th century. Alec chose to adorn the uniform of the NSW Police Force and served a King and government who were openly enforcing assimilation whilst implementing the White Australia Policy. He was the only tracker to be awarded the King’s Police and Fire Service Medal for Distinguished Conduct, and the first to be promoted to the rank of Sergeant. His complex decision to cross the racial divide is juxtaposed against today’s continually strained relationship between First Nations Peoples and the Police Force.

Creative Team

Created in partnership with ILBIJERRI Theatre Company

Co-director/Choreographer: Daniel Riley

Co-director: Rachael Maza AM

Writer: Ursula Yovich

Composer: James Henry

Dramaturg: Jennifer Medway

Visual/Spatial Designer: Jonathan Jones

Performers: Waangenga Blanco, Yolanda Lowatta, Dion Williams, Dalara Williams, Tamara Bouman, Ren Hammat (development), Zoe Brown (development)

Performer/Musician: Gary Watling

Producer: Erin Milne

Commissioning Partners: CAIAF (Sydney Festival, Rising), Arts House, City of Melbourne

Development Partners: Dubbo Regional Theatre, Dubbo Regional Council, Victorian College of the Arts, Australian Dance Theatre

Upcoming Dates

  • Tracker will premier in January 2023