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Anything & Everything

Image: Sarah Walker

Anything & Everything delves into online and IRL spaces, where young people navigate identity, connection and intimacy.

Young people’s lives are dominated by social media: selfies, meme cycles, video filters, “likes” and emojis. This screen culture defines their generation, but it’s a world often hidden from the adults in their lives.

Set in a TV studio, Anything & Everything is a live performance that glimpses into the intimate online and IRL spaces where young people navigate technology, identity, ability, connection and consent.

Director Jackson Castiglione (The Dispute) works with an ensemble of artists aged between 11 and 21 who’ve collaborated online for the last two years. As the performers joke, share and converse live onstage, their peers manipulate cameras, digital filters and video. Together they augment their identities in real-time to explore the thresholds between screen, reality and agency.

“At the heart of Anything & Everything is the question of how young people find themselves in multiple realities, rather than a single overarching personality … It is fascinating to listen to these young people’s stories about how they navigate this process.” – Thuy Tran, The Conversation

Created and devised by infinity and Jackson Castiglione

Director Jackson Castiglione

Platform Arts infinity members Poppy Goodman, Zara Nawaz, Harriet McNicol, Eza Bakker-Graham, Saskia Ellis-Gardam, Ebony Macpherson

Platform Arts Executive Director Ilana Russell

Platform Arts Producer Penne Thornton

Project Producer Xavier O’Shannessy for Bureau of Works

Dramaturge Tamara Searle

Video and Media Designer Rhian Hinkley

Composition and Sound Design Robert P. Downie

Set Design Tyler Hawkins

Costume Design and Stylist Sophie Hayward.

Lighting Designer Niklas Pajanti

Stage Manager Libby Gilbert

Presented by Platform Arts

Commissioned by RISING

Presented with ACMI

Supported by City of Melbourne

Upcoming Dates

  • World Premiere in RISING
    FRI 3—SUN 12 JUNE